About the Car

The beautiful car featured throughout this website is a 1963 Mercedes 300 SE convertible. The 300SE was a showcase of contemporary automotive technology. Part of the revolutionary Heckflosse or “Fintail” family of Mercedes, this model deviated from its more staid four-door cousins with styling by the legendary Paul Braq. It features an air suspension system for a balanced, silk-smooth ride, even by today’s standards, advanced rack-and-pinion power-assist steering, an aluminum, mechanically fuel-injected 3-litre engine and a dual-point distributor. Options like air conditioning, power windows, front and rear bucket seats, fitted luggage, AM-FM Blaupunkt radio, and even a telephone, further established the 300SE as the pinnacle of early sixties car-tech. Its unibody construction made it one of the safest cars then on the road. In addition to its technological advancement, the 300 SE was, and is, a simply beautiful and uncompromisingly luxurious automobile. Boasting a finely-detailed chrome exterior, it also featured a full-wood dashboard with beautiful chrome accents and instrument bezels. All upholstered surfaces are real leather of the finest grade and the carpets are pure wool.

The featured 300, affectionately nicknamed “Blue,” was for many years owned by Bill Loginov’s late father-in-law, attorney Dick Bailin. Over many years and visits to the Bay Area, Bill helped Dick restore Blue to its current fine state. Bill’s wife Deborah would often lament that she came to visit her dad and his wife Mary, while Bill came to visit his car. Whatever the reality, those were some wonderful memories, and when Dick passed away, Blue made the long trip back east to New Hampshire. However, that’s another story. Only 700 of these amazing cars were made, with this rare example most likely being one of the few still plying the roads of New England. On a warm clear day, you can look for Blue at our offices or cruising Main Street in Concord.