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The America Invents Act--Your Survival Guide (PDF)

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WIPO: Warning About Requests for Payment of Fees

USPTO: Warning About False Solicitations

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Loginov & Associates, PLLC Celebrates Third Year of Practice

Riding a Patent Idea to Success:
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10-year-old gets Fish-feeder Patent

Publications and Articles:

Disclosure: How It Can Hurt (or Help) Under the New Patent Standards, NH Bar Journal, July 2013

The America Invents Act--Your Survival Guide, EntrepreNews, December 2012 (PDF)

Beware of the Trolls: A look at Intellectual Property Trolls, EntrepreNews, Spring-Summer 2012 (PDF)

America Invents, At Least For Now: An Analysis of The Latest Patent Reform Initiative Before Congress, EntrepreNews, Spring-Summer 2011, p. 15-17 (PDF)

Business as Usual After Bilski?, EntrepreNews, Fall 2010, p. 17(PDF)

Intellectual Property Law 2010, 2010 Thomson Reuters/Aspatore Books

Pitfalls of the Provisional Patenting Process, EntrepreNews, Winter 2008, p. 9 (PDF)

The Right to Remain Silent ... When Does a Public Disclosure Cost You Your Patent Rights?, EntrepreNews, Fall 2008, pp. 15-16(PDF)

Avoiding an International Incident: The Basics of Foreign Patent Protection, EntrepreNews, Spring 2008, p. 14 (PDF)

Intellectual Property Law 2008, 2008 Aspatore Thomas-West Books

Contributing writer: "IP Law"

The Best Practices of Leading IP Lawyers: "Inside the Minds," 2007 Aspatore Thomas-West Books

Contributing writer: "Developing the Right Strategy for the Client"

The Government's Three Pronged Assault on Patent Rights, EntrepreNews, Fall 2007, p. 3(PDF)

Contributing writer: Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network newsletter


US Patent and Trademark Office

The Official US Patent and Trademark Office provides a great deal of information and resources for patent, trademark and copyright protection.


A useful resource for patent searching, provided by Google�, which allows a user to search through issued patents. The only disadvantage to this site is that it does not search published applications, it only searches issued patents.

Free Patents Online

Another useful resource for patent searching that is free and also provides you with a pdf of the patent, which is very useful. This website searches published applications as well as European applications, abstracts from Japan and WIPO (PCT) documents, to ensure a more accurate search.

KSR v. Teleflex Opinion (PDF)

Link to Supreme Court opinion on obviousness for patentability purposes. This opinion may affect the scope of currently issued patents and the ability to obtain patent protection in the future.

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)

The MPEP, provided by the USPTO, is a reference for examiners, applicants and attorneys on the practices and procedures related to the prosecution of patent applications before the USPTO. It also provides an appendix with all of the patent laws (Title 35 of the US Code) and an appendix with all of the patent rules (Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations).

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