Leon Fortin, Jr.

Patent Agent
Contact number: 603-336-3026

Practice Summary

Leon Fortin, Jr.

Mr. Fortin is an intellectual property and patent portfolio prosecution and development expert, who has led the creation of valuable patent portfolios for high technology companies ranging from early-stage startups to mainstream consumer product and service providers. Leveraging his diverse mix of competencies gained during 20-years in engineering and 20-years in intellectual property, Mr. Fortin employs a systematic patent portfolio innovation approach that engages client technologies, use cases, and eco systems to capture broad market opportunities that are often missed by single idea approaches.

Client patent portfolios span a range of technologies, including emerging software-orchestrated marketplaces, computer and enterprise-level network security, next generation transportation systems, robotic process and artificial intelligence-based automated systems, intelligence-based video analysis and rendering, mobile device and network technologies, supply/value chain orchestration, business intelligence-based contextual visualization solutions.

Prior to joining Loginov IP, Mr. Fortin lead innovation teams developing industry-first products for a leading international technology company in the semiconductor and capital equipment marketplaces.


  • B.S., Computer Engineering, Boston University

USPTO Registration

  • U.S. Registered Patent Agent # 60589

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