The Firm

Loginov IP is a law firm dedicated to intellectual property, serving clients with a wide range of Patent, Trademark, Copyright and related IP issues. With a particular expertise and focus securing patent and trademark rights for our clients in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and in other worldwide IP agencies, our team of Intellectual Property (“IP”) professionals embodies cutting-edge expertise in science and engineering, so we are always prepared to tackle the most complex technologies and challenging IP legal issues. As an IP boutique with offices in the Greater Boston and Mountain States areas, and serving clients nationwide and internationally, our structure guarantees our clients maximum value. We assist our clients across a broad spectrum of technologies and stages of business development, from entrepreneurs, to university-based start-ups and non-profit research facilities, to Fortune 1000® companies, Loginov IP can provide an legal and technical solution that is finely tuned to our clients’ needs.

Loginov IP was founded in 2008 as an independent law firm specializing in patent and IP matters. The firm was founded by Bill Loginov, who began his practice in Boston at two highly regarded IP firms–first as an associate and later as managing partner. During this time, Bill helped to represent some of the nation’s technology leaders in the fields of computing and networks, machinery and robotics, imaging, and biomedical devices. Bill has also coauthored three books and a range of articles on developments in IP law. Desiring a new challenge and a chance to better serve a growing group of entrepreneurial clients in the region around Dartmouth College, Bill’s alma mater, he became associated with a major northern New England law firm, where he established a patent department. Feeling that his growing client base would be better served by a small, independent firm that offered flexibility in staffing and billing, Bill established Loginov IP with other members of the patent department.

As we have grown, we have been engaged in an increasingly wide range of IP matters. While patent prosecution continues to be a core focus–with hundreds of U.S. and international patent applications being filed each year–we have an established trademark and copyright practice that includes both the procurement of rights, and their defense. With more than 500 clients added since its inception and the many thousands of patent applications filed, Loginov IP strives for continued growth in serving a diverse range of clients in a broad range of IP areas.

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